Meet our team!

These wonderful individuals are a few of the many that make our church so special. All of these men are fully devoted to the betterment of our family and worship, and to instilling the gospel into the hearts of everyone, from small infants to the elderly.

Aaron Erhardt


Meet Aaron Erhardt: Christian, Evangelist, Minister, Shepherd, Husband, Father, and Author. Never failing to properly preach the word of God in a manner that is not only truthful, but thought-provoking, insightful, and relatable. He is truly a genuine and sincere man with the desire to bring as many people as he can to God.

June Milar


Meet June Milar: Christian, Shepherd, Husband, and Father. Extroverted and joyful, June is someone who will never go unnoticed. Outgoing, yet serious when it counts, he is filled with many ideas thus making him a marvelous shepherd of our flock.

Caleb Ashby


Meet Caleb Ashby: Christian, Song Leader, Husband, and Father. Holding an important role in our worship, he is a spectacular song leader that leads a significant aspect of our worship with great efficiency, making sure everyone is engaged in offering praise to God. 

Ricky Drawbaugh Jr.


Meet Ricky Drawbaugh Jr: Christian, Teacher, Husband, and Father. With bible study a prominent part of our work, Ricky Jr does a wonderful job in making sure every bible class, no matter what age they cater to, delivers quality teachings with lessons that will stay in the hearts and minds of all who attend.