What We Are For

A lot of churches are known for what they are against, but that’s not the case with us. This church is "for" many things. For instance, we are for people. We are for people finding hope, for people finding community, and for people finding purpose in life. We are for families. For moms and dads and children. For stepparents and grandparents, for foster kids, and special needs kids. We are for marriages and for singles. We are for the unborn and the elderly. We are for old friends and new faces. We are for first responders and second chances. We are for God and his word. We are for Christ and his church. We are for all things good in this life and in the life to come. We don’t want to be defined by what we are against, we want to be known for what we are for. And we are for a whole lot!




The Future. The Vision. The Children. 

NP prioritizes our children tremendously. We know the importance of planting the seed of God's Word into the hearts and minds of our kids, so they will grow into fruitful Christians. We want to raise them up abundant in knowledge and with a fervent passion to live for Jesus Christ!

The children of now will become the church of tomorrow. In order to allow the Word of God to grow within our children, we offer bible classes for all ages on Sunday and Wednesday, and on the first Monday of every month at our popular Kid's Bible Story Hour!

Special Events

Monday, January 2 -- Kid's Bible Story Hour

Sunday, January 15 -- Love Feast

Saturday, January 21 -- Ladies' Study

Wednesday, January 25 -- Singing


In order to accommodate our brothers and sisters who cannot physically make it to services, we have created a Paypal account which can be used to make contributions to the church. Please know that this method is very secure.


The early church had "love feasts" to promote affection and unity among members (Jude 12). These meals were eaten during the assembly, usually before communion. Over time, however, this ancient practice fell into disrepute and was eventually outlawed by manmade religious councils. As a result, few congregations today enjoy the benefits and blessings of the love feast. Be sure to check out our "Sermons" and "Articles" links to learn more about this special meal.